Celebrate Your Love in Nature's Embrace

Say 'Yes' to Nature and create memories in seven distinct spaces. Whether you prefer the fragrant Herb Garden, the vibrant Perennial Garden, the serene Willow Pond Island, or the lush Gateway Garden, these breathtaking places make the backdrop of your special day.

We strive to offer a welcoming environment for all couples, including LGBTQIA2S+.  We embrace and value all couples who choose to make MBGNA a place to celebrate their commitments.

Photo of a wedding arrangement at the botanical garden

Photo by: Nicole Haley Photography

Kimberly Maged Perennial Garden

The most popular arrangement for this garden is a formal layout; chairs in the central aisle with the ceremony taking place in the semi circle of white perennials. The changing colors of the perennial beds will always blend and reflect any color scheme for fantastic photographs.

The Perennial Garden takes a maximum of 150 guests including the wedding party. The garden’s peak season is early June through late September. Power supply is available.

Alexandra Hicks Herb Knot Garden

Delightful fragrant herbs provides a beautiful foliage backdrop of textures and colors for your photographs. The open space is flexible for many different combinations and takes up to a maximum of 50 guests, including the wedding party.

Another way to utilize this Herb Knot Garden space, is to set up chairs facing the entrance to the Garden, all on the long grass mall area, and have the ceremony conducted in front of the constructed arbor.

A couple exchanging vows in a wedding ceremony at the herb knot garden

Photo by: Breakthrough Images Photography

Gateway garden at Matthaei Botanical Gardens filled iwth yellow and purple flowers and a pergola in the center

Gateway Garden

This garden extends a warm and inviting embrace to all visitors. The plants are a mixture of familiar garden favorites and native plants amd offers visitors an immersive experience in a world where vibrant blooms complement native pollinators, resulting in a captivating showcase of natural beauty and ecological interactions.

Willow Pond

With views across wildflowers to the tranquil water beyond, Willow Pond Island will surround you and your guests with natural beauty.

The intimate Island space can accommodate 150 guests, including the wedding party, in a formal or informal arrangement. It is beautiful from late May through mid October.

A wedding at Willow Pond
Gateway garden at Matthaei Botanical Gardens filled iwth yellow and purple flowers and a pergola in the center

Photo by: Liv Lyszyk Photography


Packed with plants from around the world, the conservatory provides a warm, calming setting that’s great for cooler-weather events. Good for informal social events such as private parties or for memorial services.


Photo by Nicole Haley Photography