A tranquil hideaway

Heathdale is a tranquil hideaway tucked east of our Peony Garden and is much more than just a landscape. It's an ambient living sanctuary echoing MBGNA's commitment to promoting health, biodiversity, and learner-centered education. This unique space acts as a serene sanctuary, thoughtfully designed to help visitors immerse in their surroundings and form a deeper connection with nature. The experience at Heathdale is designed to nurture a sense of tranquility through the harmonious interplay of flora and fauna against the backdrop of the ever-changing seasons. 

Through the seasons

Heathdale is the embodiment of the intricate harmony that exists in nature, showcasing the diverse and symbiotic relationships of our chosen flora. The Ericaceous plants thriving here have specialized relationships with the soil fungi. They're placed and cared for with utmost precision to sustain the gardens' microclimate, underlining our dedication towards nature immersion and conservation.

As spring progresses from May to June you will find a progression of bloom from mixtures of numerous azaleas, evergreen Catawba and Rosebay rhododendrons, along with dog-hobble and mountain laurel.

In addition to the native oak-hickory forest setting, other attractive plants include hemlock, various dogwoods, witch-hazel, sassafras, and masses of native ferns and woodland wildflowers. 


squirrel laying a branch