Children learn through play

At Gaffield Children’s Garden, we dedicate ourselves to offering rich, open-ended nature play experiences, recognizing their essential role in a child's development. These experiences evolve into intellectual and imaginative pursuits, nurturing physical and emotional health while fostering a lifelong appreciation for the Earth. We invite families to join us for nature play here at Gaffield Children’s Garden, and to be inspired to create their own nature play at home, parks, and schools.

Photo of a child with large soap bubbles on both hands

Nature Play Pop-Ups

Nature Play Pop-Ups offer an immersive experience where children and families engage in play, fostering a deeper connection with nature through interactive games, exploration, and creative adventures. Join us at Matthaei Botanical Gardens for one of our scheduled Nature Play Pop-Ups, or visit one of the links below to explore from home.

Matthaei at Home

"Matthaei at Home" is an engaging series designed for kids to embark on guided nature-based projects from the comfort of their homes. These videos blend fun and learning, inspiring young minds to explore the wonders of the natural world through hands-on activities.