The Inviting Gateway Garden

The Gateway Garden at Matthaei Botanical Gardens features a diverse collection of ornamental plants from the Americas. It offers visitors an immersive experience in a world where vibrant blooms complement native pollinators, resulting in a captivating showcase of natural beauty and ecological interactions.

Entrance gate to the gateway garden

A Vibrant Welcome

As the initial stop for visitors entering our botanical haven, the Gateway Garden stands as a vibrant testament to the beauty and diversity of plants. This space showcases a blend of perennials and annuals, where bursts of color and delightful combinations captivate the senses.

The garden is a vibrant display from July to October, with a spectrum of perennials and frost-sensitive annuals peaking during these months. Look out for favorites such as morning glories, cosmos, flowering tobacco, zinnias, and more. The array of flora also supports a range of local pollinators, making it an active and engaging environment. 

Centerpiece for Gatherings

Nestled at the center of the Gateway Garden, the pergola structure serves as a welcoming hub for events and informal gatherings. Flanked by stone fountains on either side, the rhythmic sound of trickling water adds to the ambiance, offering a calming backdrop to your exploration.

The Gateway Garden makes an excellent choice for your special day. This stunning open-air backdrop allows for plenty of natural light and delivers splendid photos that capture your cherished moments. 

South view of the garden