A tribute to our region's natural beauty

The Great Lakes Gardens exemplifies our commitment to preserving and celebrating Michigan's unique biodiversity, nurturing ecosystems, and fostering a profound connection with our local environment.

Two people looking at plants in the great lakes garden

Preserving Michigan's natural heritage

The Great Lakes Gardens re-create our region’s natural habitats such as open dunes, alvar, and prairies. You'll see species found in Michigan and nowhere else in the world, as well as native orchids, and prairie wildflowers.

In the gardens, a series of accessible pathways, boardwalks, and overlooks invites up-close views of plants you might never encounter in the wild, while interpretation illuminates the role conservation plays in protecting this unique diversity.

Knowledge and discovery

The Great Lakes Gardens pays homage to the rich tapestry of our region's natural heritage.

Explore the "Coastal Garden" with open dunes, cobble beaches, and unique alvar-limestone formations. Visit the "Prairie Garden" for resilient native prairies. Enjoy the "Woodland Wildflower Garden" with diverse habitats, the "Wet Woodland Garden" with a boardwalk amid floodplain forests, and the "Orchid Garden" showcasing native orchids of the Great Lakes Region.

A look down a trail with boardwalk