Stroll through some of the best scenery.

Get off the beaten track and traverse a series of wetland habitats as well as a small glacial hill. The Fleming Creek Trail provides some of the best views up and down the creek. In season, kingfishers are frequently seen flying along the creek.

Dynamic Landscapes

Stroll through the diverse former floodplain forest and take in the natural openness sculpted by the area's swampy character—a tranquil showcase of its unspoiled allure. While invasive pests sadly claimed the area's American elms, the resilient ecosystem continues to evolve. Fallen trees create space for new growth, nurturing a fresh and vibrant forest.

Venture to the kame and witness a dramatic shift in vegetation. Oak and hickory trees paint a lively picture against the well-drained soils, accompanied by patches of wild strawberries—all a testament to the unique and diverse landscapes waiting to be explored along our trails.


a beaver swims