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Who We Are

We are one organization with two locations at the University of Michigan. Our mission is to promote environmental enjoyment, stewardship, and sustainability through education, research, and interaction with the natural world.

What's in bloom

Check out our peony website for bloom updates throughout peony season.

Interns at Matthaei

Visit the trails and natural areas at Matthaei-Nichols

Trails open sunrise to sunset daily. Dogs on leash allowed at the Arb; no dogs at Matthaei.

Earth Words (our blog)

Native Plant of the Week: Cow Parsnip

Cow parsnip at Matthaei.Cow parsnip leaf.Cow parsnip plant and leaves.Cow parsnip leaf edges.By Katie Stannard This week’s native plant is cow parsnip, Heracleum maximum. Dramatically tall to 8’ and topped with a bright beacon of florets, it’s definitely an...

Native Plant of the Week: Silky Dogwood

Close up of silky dogwood flowers.Silky dogwood twigs.Silky dogwood blooms attract a lot of pollinators, like this carpenter bee.A mass of silky dogwood growing in the wild.By Katie Stannard This week’s native plant is silky dogwood, Cornus amomum. Silky dogwood...

Native Plant of the Week: Common Ninebark

A ninebark flower cluster. The ninebark cultivar 'Coppertina' in the auhor's garden. The pearl-like unopened flowers of ninebark. A ninebark flower cluster. Photo: Melissa McMasters. The peonies are starting to bloom in Nichols Arboretum right now. While not native,...

Former Intern Lands NASA Internship

Congratulations to former Matthaei-Nichols Nature Academy intern Lara O’Brien. Lara landed an exciting and important internship this summer in the NASA Develop program.Lara will be part of a five-person team working with NASA staff at the Jet Propulsion...

Native Plant of the Week: Mayapple

By Katie Stannard Mayapple plants with flower showing. Mayapple leaves just beginning to emerge in spring. Mayapple leaves almost fully emerged. This week’s native plant is mayapple, Podophyllum peltatum. Held aloft by thick stems,...

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