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We are one organization with two locations at the University of Michigan. Our mission is to promote environmental enjoyment, stewardship, and sustainability through education, research, and interaction with the natural world.

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Intern Post: Winter Fun at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Caroline Golbeck Each intern in the Nature Academy internship program at Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum chooses a summer project to research and report on. The project culminates in a poster displayed in Matthaei’s public indoor spaces....

Dear Members, Thank you!

Membership dollars go to supporting many incredible things at Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum - including our summer interns! These summer internships provide students with real-world experience in horticulture, research, curation, conservation, field...

Arboretum Specimen Is State Big Filbert Tree

A Turkish filbert (Corylus colurna) in Nichols Arboretum just earned the state Big Tree designation. Michael Dority, a board member of the Michigan Nut and Fruit Growers Association and a U-M staff member in the Host Microbiome Initiative, takes walks in...

Architecture Student’s Project Is Both Art and Science

Reciprocal Shades is up! University of Michigan doctoral student Omid Oliyan Torghabehi installed the wood structure in June at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Rooted in Chinese Song dynasty (960-1276) wooden bridge building, this concept was introduced to the west...

Desalination Project Conducted at Matthaei Is Now in Mexico

Lots of University of Michigan faculty and students conduct research projects on our properties. Recently, one of these projects, a solar-powered desalination prototype (pictured) built here at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, has continued as a real-world application in...

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