From industry to garden

The Dix Pond trail offers diverse habitats, making it a wonderful spot for exploring on foot or observing birds. Occasionally, visitors might catch a glimpse of a fox during their visit!

Evolution and restoration along Dix Pond Trail

This trail offers a unique opportunity to observe the natural evolution following a significant historical shift—from the era of farming and gravel operations that once shaped this land until the 1940s. The expansive Dix Pond, formerly a gravel pit dredged below the water table, stands as a testament to the past. Nearby, remnants of old upland pastures and evolving woodlots, now flourishing with mature trees, bear witness to this transformative journey.

Dix Pond trail forms an arc through the eastern reaches of the Gardens. The northern end of the trail begins at the trail and service drive bridge over Fleming Creek at trail marker # 5. The southern end of the trail begins across the Fleming Creek footbridge from trail marker #8. Extend your Dix Pond walk to 1.9 miles by picking up the Fleming Creek Trail.

Trail Map

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