Nature's canvas

Nestled within Matthaei Botanical Gardens, the Kimberly Maged Perennial Garden stands as a living canvas, showcasing nature's timeless allure and the craftsmanship of deliberate planning. Here, perennial plants bloom anew each year, transforming the scenery with their vibrant colors, varied textures, and fragrant aromas. Amidst this ever-evolving landscape, the perennial garden stands as a testament to resilience, where each returning blossom symbolizes nature's unwavering ability to renew and thrive.

South view of the garden

Long-season beauty

Unlike annuals, which boast continuous blooms throughout the growing season, perennials typically feature a short yet defining blooming period. Carefully curated to thrive within specific soil, moisture, and light conditions, our gardeners have synchronized colors and bloom times, creating a seasonally evolving display of harmonious blossoms.

Timeless grace

Steeped in the timeless grace of an English perennial border, this garden's apparent simplicity masks the meticulous planning beneath. Every step in this living canvas unveils deliberate design decisions—the play of colors, contrasts, textures, and varying heights—all intentionally planted to ignite the senses.

South view of the garden with flowers in foreground
A wedding ceremony at the perennial garden

Photo by: Nicole Haley Photography

Special moments

The Kimberly Maged Perennial Garden is infused with natural charm and is a favorite setting for special moments. The tranquil beauty of this space adds an enchanting touch to special occasions.

Monthly photos