Visit the Peony Garden!

Open Spring/Summer

Free Admission

1610 Washington Hts, Ann Arbor, MI

How to use the bed maps.

The peony garden is a sprawling and highly-organized area with detailed information on each individual peony. Locating individual peonies is an easy three-step process.


Get oriented with grid of peony beds.

The historic herbaceous peonies are in 27 numbered beds. The number sequence begins at the west entrance of Nichols Arboretum closest to the Visitor Center / university hospitals and ends at the east entrance that leads to Heathdale / rest of the Arboretum. Numbered concrete markers are located in the bed corners.

The square beds hold 30 plants: 15 kinds of peonies in pairs. The beds are each a grid of 5 “rows” and 6 “columns”. The photo map gives the bed number and a photo of each peony in its grid location. Under each photo is the name of the peony cultivar. This makes it easy to line up with the bed and identify any peony of interest. Maps are updated yearly.

The tree and intersectional (“Itoh”) peonies are planted in groupings on the slope above the historic peony beds.


Look up peonies that interest you.

If you’re using an app or the internet:

  1. Click on the numbered bed map on the screen. The bed map with images will load.
  2. Click on the picture of the plant. This will take you to more information.

If you’re using paper and pen:

  1. Use the photo map to give you the peony’s name.
  2. Write down the name(s). It will help you find the plant again if you note which bed number the plant is in.
  3. Once you have access to a computer, go to our Peony Database for more information.


See if that specific peony is for sale.

Many visitors wish to purchase divisions of their favorite historic peonies. Each year we have a special sale of historic peonies – they are from reliable nurseries rather than divisions of our historic plants.

See these resources for more information.