A diverse showcase

Mud Lake Bog is a 260-acre expanse that is far more than just a bog; it showcases diverse ecosystems, serving as a valuable research site.

Fascinating features

The western side features a southern wet meadow, shrub-carr, and tamarack swamp, hosting calcium-loving plants thanks to groundwater input. The northeastern section is mainly a southern hardwood swamp, once home to Elm trees, now replaced by High-bush Blueberry and Michigan Holly.

Rich in history

While a small portion of this property embraces the classic characteristics of a bog - a floating, open wetland, thriving amidst nutrient-poor conditions - Mud Lake Bog has a rich history that extends beyond its bog identity. It's believed that Mud Lake itself was once an extension of the nearby Independence Lake, leaving a lasting influence on the surrounding wetland complex.

Preserving nature

The southern border is protected by Independence Lake County Park, safeguarding the area from major development. Mud Lake Bog offers a unique opportunity to explore a slice of natural history and beauty while serving as a vital research site.