Our Mission

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum is a transformative force for social and ecological resilience through the waters and lands we steward. We turn this commitment into action by:


Positioning humans as active participants within the natural world and compelling the university community and our publics to negotiate the full complexity that entails


Advancing partnerships, programs, user experience, and all that we steward to catalyze equity and justice in a radically changing world


Emerging as University of Michigan’s premier partner for research, teaching, and public impact in sustainability, climate-forward practices, and biocultural diversity


Promoting healthier communities, cultures, and ecosystems through active care and cultivation of the gardens, fields, natural habitats, and dynamic systems that sustain our world

A living, immersive museum.

Discover the depth of our commitment to ecological resilience, inclusivity, and transformative education, set against the backdrop of the diverse landscapes we steward.

DEI and Strategic Plan

We are dedicated to cultivating a community that is as diverse as the ecosystem we care for. Embodying our mission, this strategic plan outlines our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, developing equitable opportunities, and actively integrating DEI into every aspect of our operations and programs. We maintain a steadfast commitment to ensure our gardens, fields, and habitats are a reflection of the dynamic tapestry of our global community.  Read more about this commitment in the links below.

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Strategic Plan
Cultivating Resilience

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DEI Plan
Five-Year Strategic Objectives, Measures

The Reader Center at the arb