Opening hidden doors...

Topics that can be investigated at Matthaei include native Michigan plant and animal species, plant parts and functions, adaptations, pollination, and ecosystems.


  • Monday—Friday
  • Reservation required

Due to other programming, indoor back-up space may not be available in inclement weather.


  • There is no per-student fee for self-guided tours.
  • Per bus $15 parking fee.
  • Individual drivers must pay for parking ($2.20/hour).
  • Free will donations are welcome and help support guided and self guided field trips, and may be given at the front desk or donation box.

When You Arrive

  • Bus drivers and parents drop students off at the main entrance.
  • Teachers purchase a $15 per bus, per day parking tag from the front desk. Bus parks in designated area.
  • Individual drivers park in west lot and pay at kiosks ($2.00/hour).
  • Teachers are responsible for dividing students into groups and leading activities.
  • Special permission required for collecting materials of any kind.

Self-Guided Resources

Resources are available for self-guided tours, and include activities for both the classroom and the field trip. Topics covered are plant parts and functions, pollination, adaptations, and ecosystems.

Know Before You Go

Field trips are led by teachers and chaperones.  We require a ratio of 1 adult for every 8 students for self guided field trips. For safety, all participants must wear closed toe shoes. No open sandals on the trails please.