Wonder Walk: Snakes

garden snake photo with text over that reads "wonder walk: snakes!"

Discover the fascinating world of snakes as our guides lead you through an exploration of their habits, habitats, and unique adaptations. Perfect for all ages, this family-friendly guided nature walk offers insights into the lives of these remarkable reptiles.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens is hosting free guided nature walks on select Wednesdays and Sundays.  These walks are FREE, no registration is required.

MBG Wonder Walks are designed for all ages to inspire curiosity and learning from each other through activities that model curiosity and honor nature. If we have a sizeable mixed-age group, we may separate into two sets to offer the same content at different levels of engagement.

Wednesday walks begin at 5:30 pm.  Sunday walks begin at 1:00 pm. We recommend gathering inside the lobby of Matthaei Botanical Gardens about 10 minutes before the start.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens
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