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Amanda Meier Hunter Lab project

In one of the greenhouses at Matthaei, PhD student Amanda Meier works on a project involving milkweed.

Apply to Conduct Research

If interested in conducting research at Matthaei-Nichols click the button below to begin the application process.

Please note: the application and review process has been adjusted to meet guidelines for re-engagement of research under the UM Office of Research COVID guidelines. Approval is needed from the Matthaei-Nichols Research Review Committee to re-engage in field or lab/greenhouse research during this Phase 1 research ramp up. Please note: If your field research can be delayed until we move to phase 2 of the research ramp up or if your research would require inter-regional or interstate travel, then please wait until that time to apply for your research approval.

Please review the following process to submit your new or renewal of research request:

  1. Complete and submit either the
    a) greenhouse or b) field research forms

  2. Complete and submit  the MBGNA online research request for research

Note that both a and b need to be completed before any review can proceed.

  1. You must have permission from your home department to begin your research

Our process for review of your research request:

  1. Initial review by Research Administrator Michael Palmer

    1. Any clarifications about your applications needed will come from

  2. Application goes to Research Review panel at Matthaei-Nichols for review

  3. Decision from Research Review panel: approval, approval with alterations, deferral


  1. Researcher will then receive information regarding the decision by

Free Transportation

Limited transportation funding to the Gardens is provided for University of Michigan students, classes and researchers.

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