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Celebrating 10 Years of Bonsai

Learn more about our fast-growing world-class bonsai collection.



Little Trees – Big Impact

These trees:
…tell stories – their own, their artists, and as imagined by viewers that change your perspective.
…celebrate relationships – our centenarians demonstrate the commitment to attentive care before they became our guests.
…bring people together world-wide – to admire, learn about, and learn both from the trees and each other.

Our Collection

Enjoy nationally and internationally ranked specimens of satsuki azaleas of all sizes as well as shohin, or bonsai under 6 inches / 15 cm tall. An array of bonsai developed by American-trained artists are complemented by rarely seen wild-collected ancient trees known as yamadori.

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Styles help each plant tell their stories and inspire reflection. Basic elements include the number of plants, how they are located in—as well as related—to the pot, and the visual movement the composition inspires. These styles are rooted in 2,000 years of the art’s development.

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Appreciating Bonsai and Penjing: People, Trees and Nature

Bonsai and penjing are made because they are beautiful. They harmonize horticultural and aesthetic techniques of miniaturizing trees to embody the principles that govern nature. Each generation of artists engages with bonsai slightly differently, giving a momentum to how they are understood and shifting the various kinds of ‘meaning’. Let’s dive in.

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Bonsai Today

Our garden celebrates the truly international and inter-generational scope of bonsai today. We display award-winning specimens that exemplify classic Japanese standards of excellence as well as those that are setting new trends in North American-styled artistry using non-traditional species. As a living art, bonsai trees are ever-changing, which constantly opens creative opportunities for reinterpretation.

Our Collection profiles every specimen – some with 3-dimensional photographs you can rotate for inspection, others with photographs of how they have changed through the years. Although each visitor will have their favorite plants, we feature those that tend to be the ‘stars’ as well as some that we specially love – and we say why.

Our Garden features the designated spaces – the garden areas and structures – that enrich the visual and emotional spaces where the individual trees tell their stories. Since we are in a 4-season climate, we use both the outdoor bonsai garden for our plants that are dormant in the winter (this garden is open May – October) and an indoor area year-round in the Conservatory, with tropical bonsai featured November – April.

Creative People profiles the artists, collectors and staff who established, grew, and refined our collection since 1977 – and continue every day to bring you an exceptional experience. Did you know that bonsai-lovers world-wide discover their passion at all stages of life, and to the trees, your life-stage is irrelevant? You may be one of the creative people and not yet know it.

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Did you know that our annual visitors could fill The Big House almost five times each year? Meet one of our newly recruited Starring Players! (For you number crunchers, 525,000 / 107,601 = 4.879)

Moving to Leadership

A bold future beckons: engaging people new-to-bonsai while deepening our existing relationships and networks. Everything depends on our specimens being exemplary. As we on-board one of the continent’s most important private collections, we’ll be refining our existing collection and expanding our audiences. We need your help – spreading the word, coming to see the specimens through the year, learning more, and supporting us.

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