From Mike Kost, curator of native plants at Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum: a list of some of the native species blooming in the Great Lakes Gardens at Matthaei. Mike adds that our Horner Woods location off Dixboro north of Plymouth (west side of Dixboro) is also at peak condition for a wildflower walk. Be sure to get out and enjoy the spring wildflowers here or at park near you!

View a photo gallery below of some of these native gems. (All photos by Ryan Kuesel.)

Great Lakes Garden (05/03/2018)

sweet grass – Circle Garden
bulrush sedge – alvar and cobble beech
dwarf lake iris – alvar
lakeside daisy – alvar
early buttercup – alvar grassland
prairie smoke – alvar grassland (flowers almost ready to open)
red anemone – open dunes  (flowers almost ready to open)
marsh marigold – forested wetland
woodland phlox – woodland
common trillium – woodland
blue wood violet – woodland
sharp-lobed hepatica – woodland
round-lobed hepatica – woodland
cut-leaved toothwort – woodland
Dutchmen’s breeches – woodland
bloodroot – woodland
early meadow rue – woodland
yellow violet – woodland
Pennsylvania sedge – woodland
rosy sedge – woodland
wood anemone – woodland
bird’s foot violet – prairie
wild strawberry – prairie
smooth pussytoes – prairie
bishop’s cap – orchid boxes