Trees, shrubs, and groundcover alike are blooming at Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

Flowering crabapple.

Flowering crabapple. Photo: Kerry Sprague.

Yellow Dogwood blooms at the entrance to the Arb. Photo: Michele Yanga.

Blue hyacinth dots the lawn in front of a drove of daffodils at MBG. Photo: Kerry Sprague.

Clusters of hellebores in bloom at the Arb. Photo: Michele Yanga.

Fragrant viburnum at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Photo: Kerry Sprague.

Fragrant viburnum.

The blooms of this variety of viburnum give off a sweet, floral scent. Photo: Kerry Sprague.

The Arb is sporting blooms of every color. The Laurel Ridge trail is bursting with spring blossoms!

A couple walking along the peony garden, weeping cherry tree in background.

A couple walking the lawn of the peony garden, with a weeping cherry in bloom behind them. Photo: Michele Yanga


Laurel ridge in bloom.

Virginia bluebells on the Laurel Ridge trail, adjacent to the peony garden at Nichols Arboretum. Photo: Tori Power.

Pink rhododendron

Blooms overflowing onto the path of Laurel Ridge: pink rhododendrons and an arching redbud. Photo: Tori Power.

trillium blooms.

Trillium blooms at Nichols Arboretum. Photo: Michele Yanga.

yellow trout lilies.

Trout lilies at Nichols Arboretum. Photo: Michele Yanga.

yellow magnolias.

Golden magnolia blooms. Photo: Michele Yanga.

The peony garden is still filling out, but some of the older plants will bloom very soon!

Herbaceous peony plant.

Most of the herbaceous peonies are still growing. Peonies can reach 3 feet tall! Photo: Sarah Gizzi.

ants on peony bud.

Ants love the sugary nectar secreted by peony buds. Photo: Sarah Gizzi.

peony bud nearing bloom

The deep red bloom of this peony may be the first we see in the garden this year. Photo: Michele Yanga.

Feeding pollinators

Rethinking what is typically considered beautiful and valuable, we celebrate the bloom of many dandelions on our properties as an important food source for pollinators.

mass of beautiful dandelions