Our own Connie Crancer, staff Natural Areas team manager and native plant specialist, will discuss Kirk Fen at the Michigan Botanical Club Huron Valley Chapter program this Monday.
Kirk Fen is located at Matthaei Botanical Gardens and until recently was overgrown with woody non-native invasive vegetation. A fen is a kind of wetland that supports a wide range of animals and plants
Connie will define and clarify what a prairie fen is, give a brief site overview, and discuss the history of floral inventories and studies in Kirk Fen. She’ll also explain the restoration process and the inventories and studies she undertook to begin a long-term process of measuring success. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the fascinating world of fens and to learn about the Michigan Botanical Club-Huron Valley Chapter. The Michigan Botanical Club is the native plant society for the State of Michigan and the home of the Michigan Big Tree Program.

Connie recently earned her Masters of Science in Terrestrial Ecology through the University of Michigan.

WHEN: Monday, Feb. 20 at 7:45 P.M.

WHERE: Matthaei Botanical Gardens Auditorium, 1800 N. Dixboro Rd., Ann Arbor, MI