A tour of trees in Nichols Arboretum offers a unique take on the University of Michigan Bicentennial.
The U-M celebrates its bicentennial throughout 2017. Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum is doing its part to honor this 200-year milestone with a look at history from the perspective of trees. Take a self-guided tour any day of the week, sunrise to sunset, in Nichols Arboretum. 

Maps are available at the Arb’s Washington Heights entrance, at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, and online (download and print). The tour features 12 trees and their stories, and how they connect with events happening at the U-M when the tree started growing. It’s informative, easy, and free. We also want to send a big thank you to former U-M student Meredith Burke, who, as a summer 2016 intern, worked intensively on the Grandmother Tree Walk as her main project. Also, to welcome the next 200 years, this fall we’ll be planting two native white oaks and giving away 200 white oak seedlings grown from acorns harvested from a tree at Matthaei. Stay tuned for dates and times.