Hark! Yon Workday Report. 

Nichols Arboretum caretaker Stevia Morawski reveals that after watching Shakespeare in the Arb twice a week for an entire month her workday reports start to veer toward the poetical. In honor of Shakespeare in the Arb, and with suggestions from intern Jared Aslakson, this is Stevia’s versiful version of last weekend’s dame’s rocket pull:

We drove through fields, to farmhouse red, where grass and milkweed lay,
We peeked o’er green, our eyes did see our seeding, flowery prey
Three strong we were, with volunteers, caretakers madeth five,
Our valiant goal, to leave no Dame, nor Rocket there alive
The poison ivy stopped us not, e’er luscious did it grow, 
We’d wash, we knew with sweet Tecnu before a rash could show
We strained, we pulled, we braved the rain, for all our selfless toil
The raspberries, with prickled leaves, didst lay our plans to foil.
Though strong we were, young buccaneers, tough botanists of Ann Arbor,
We could not broach the brambled wall, where Dames Rocket was harbored.
The noontime came and Summer’s orb encroached upon its peak
Grinning with our leafy loot for havoc we did wreak 
Yet working past the noontime was a task we would not deign
With bounty bagged, we drove our truck to gardens once again.

Stevia Morawski
Dame's rocket.jpg
To be or not to be: dame’s rocket

Jared Aslakson