Saturday, May 12 and 19, Matthaei Botanical Gardens hosted the Mother’s Day Plant Sale and Kitchen Favorites Member Hours. On Saturday, June 2, our annual Peony Sale Member Hour was held at Nichols Arboretum next to The Peony Garden. These were special pre-sale hours during which members could purchase–and get a discount on—beautiful floral arrangements, vegetables, herbs, and fruits grown by University of Michigan students and volunteers. Of our nearly 3,000 members, 300+  attended the member hours. Dozens of volunteers and interns facilitated the events making for three fantastic weekends. At our Kitchen Favorites Sale, Master Gardener Volunteers answered gardening questions and provided best practices for growing. Proceeds from the kitchen favorites sale benefited the Campus Farm and U-M Sustainable Food Program. David Michener, co-author of the New York Times Summer reading list book; Peony: The Best Varieties for Your Garden, attended the peony sale and signed book copies. Membership at Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum not only allows us to facilitate events like these; it also helps us create new exhibits, conserve natural areas, fund research projects, and support our valuable interns. These images were captured by our development Intern Mackenzie King, a student in Conservation Biology and Art and Design. To become a member, aid in our goals of education and environmental stewardship, and attend exciting events like this – visit our membership page.