Weddings | Perennial Garden

    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Peak months: July – September

Yew hedges define this garden where color reigns supreme. Four long beds of perennials define this garden as a traditional English cottage garden, with long aisles of grassy lawn in between. More than 120 varieties of plants create repeating drifts of color that change from May to September. Each month of the blooming season brings new and beautiful changes combining pastel blues and pinks with white, yellow, lime, silvers and dark green.

The most popular arrangement for this garden is a formal layout; chairs in the central aisle with the ceremony taking place in the semi circle of white perennials. The changing colors of the perennial beds will always blend and reflect any color scheme for fantastic photographs. The Perennial Garden takes a maximum of 150 guests including the wedding party.

The garden’s peak season is early June through late September. Power supply is available.

In the event of bad weather, our Auditorium or Conservatory can be used as a backup ceremony location.


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Perennial Garden Seating Chart
Seating chart