Weddings | Herb Knot Garden

    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Peak months: June & July

Experience European garden elegance in the Herb Garden. The design of this garden exemplifies a traditional English Tudor style. A low yew hedge encloses the garden, the main paths are framed with boxwood, and the central bed of creeping thyme forms the woven Tudor knot design.

Fragrant herbs will delight your guests and provide a beautiful foliage backdrop of diverse textures and colors for your photographs. Choose to seat your guests in the semi circular wooden bench running around one end of the garden, also arranging chairs at each ends of the focal paved areas, using the paths and symmetrical design for a dramatic entrance. The open space is flexible for many different combinations and takes up to a maximum of 100 guests, including the wedding party. Another way to utilize this Herb Knot Garden space, is to set up chairs facing the entrance to the Garden, all on the long grass mall area, and have the ceremony conducted in front of the constructed arbor.

The Herb Garden peak season is during June and July. The lavender borders usually flower in July and are fragrant throughout the summer. No power supply is available.

In the event of bad weather, our Auditorium or Conservatory can be used as a backup ceremony location.


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Herb Knot Garden seating chart
Seating chart