Campus Farm Manager Jeremy Moghtader announced that the 2017 progress report for sustainable food systems is now available for viewing.
The report is the work of of Lilly Fink-Shapiro (Sustainable Food Systems Coordinator – U-M School for Environment and Sustainability), Alex Bryan (Director of the U-M Sustainable Food Program) and Jeremy (Campus Farm) pulling together info from all the groups doing work on campus around food.
Drew Horning, interim director of the Graham Sustainability Institute, had this to say about the report: “It’s really impressive to see all of the food activity captured in an integrated way like this. This work continues to set the U-M standard for a coherent and compelling organization of topically specific sustainability work across campus. Nice job and continue the good work!”
Follow this link to read the report: Sustainable Food Systems at the University of MichiganProgress Report 2017
The University of Michigan is in a unique position as a non-land-grant, tier-1 research institution with a strong and growing foundation in transdisciplinary sustainable food systems work. This report highlights the impacts from the collaboration of several different campus partners: 
  • Chapter 1. Research and Teaching (U-M Sustainable Food Systems Initiative)
  • Chapter 2. Student Leadership (U-M Sustainable Food Program)
  • Chapter 3. U-M Campus Farm
  • Chapter 4. U-M Dining and Operations