Thursday, May 31, Matthaei Botanical Gardens hosted its first Shakespeare in the Arb member event. The evening featured refreshments, musical accompaniment, intriguing lectures, and a behind-the-scenes look into one of the play’s sword fight scenes. Shakespeare in the Arb is in its eighteenth year and for the first time ever is producing the beloved Romeo and Juliet.

The evening began with SITA directors Kate Mendeloff and Graham Atkin unveiling the complexities of directing and producing the iconic play and its themes of love and violence. Costume coordinator Sophia Kaufman gave members a sneak peak into the challenges of creating costumes for the characters. For the evening finale, cast members gave us a glimpse into the sword fight scene between the characters Tybalt and Mercutio.

We were excited to bring a little of Shakespeare in the Arb to the botanical gardens. We hope you fall in love with the highly anticipated production of Romeo and Juliet at Nichols Arboretum Thursday – Sunday, June 7-10; 14-17; and 21-24.