For this exhibit, the artists explore alternative perspectives from human eyes, dialing the focus in on elements of the natural world that we consider “small.” See below for a list of participating artists and a gallery of their work (not all artists’ work is represented).

Perspective: Small artists:

Eva Armitage, Ken Axelrad, Emilia  Bauer, Wendy Beckwith, Joseph Ferraro, Lorraine Gedeon, Joel  Geffen, Dennis Gordon, Hava Gurevich, Joan Harris, Aiko Holt, Jenna John, Petra Kuppers, Helen Lee, Deborah Lillie, Mônica Lóss, India MacGregor, Janice McCoy, Rose A McDonnall, Zohair Mohsen, Leila Mullison, Gregg Peterson, Gayle Sanchirico, Renee Therriault, Adrianne Tomkinson, Tammy VanderMolen, Jude Walton, Mary Whiteside, Philip Zaret.