Trails at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Trails winding past stunning natural features have been part of the Botanical Gardens’ Dixboro Road site since before its development in the early 1960s. A color-coded map is available for visitors at the front lobby. There are four routes, each highlighting different features of the 90+ acres north of the main building.

Please note: Due to the sensitive ecological areas, dogs are not allowed on the nature trails at Matthaei.

Starting east of the building and heading across the boardwalk over the constructed wetland (link here to constructed wetland information), visitors will see the Trail Head Information Station. Note the unusual roof on this octagonal structure. It is a demonstration Green Roof Project. Heading north about 450 feet, hikers have three routes to consider marked as Red, Blue and Yellow: a pedestrian bridge across the creek connects hikers to the Blue and Yellow routes. Severe weather may cause temporary trail restrictions due to flooding, ice floes, fallen trees, bank erosion, etc. Please observe any temporary detours and closures.

The Sue Reichert Discovery Trail is being made universally-accessible (dedication in 2007), while Sam Grahams Trees has its own children’s activity booklet and guide. For those who want to get away from it all, the Blue or Yellow trails are best.

Trail at Matthaei

Trail at Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Photo by Scott Soderberg 2017