Matteson Farmstead & Historic Farmhouse

    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

The current Matteson farmhouse dates to the 1860s and occupies the site of a settlement-era home that is no longer there. The two historic barns were built at different dates: the smaller is circa 1845-1865 while the larger barn dates from 1875-1900. Currently these architecturally significant and iconic buildings are closed to the public, but visitors on the Marilyn Bland Prairie trail are welcome to examine the barn exterior. All the stone and timber for these buildings came from the site, which makes this grouping a truly local architecture and a treasured part of our cultural heritage. Not surprisingly, both bats and snakes are sometimes seen around the barns.

The farmhouse is a private residence—please keep to the Marilyn Bland Prairie Trail and respect the residents’ privacy.

The Matteson Farmstead & Historic Farmhouse are at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens site.

Matteson barn