Ground Cover Display

This display showcases mixed masses of perennials that are allowed to intermingle over time – perhaps just right for your use at home. This planting is expected to be presentable year round, with a burst of daffodil cultivars (Narcissus) in the spring and then a peak bloom from mid- to late-summer. Major plants include selections of daylilies (Hemerocallis), sedums (Sedum), asters (Aster), and a few ornamental grasses (Festuca).

Expand your definition of groundcovers and use fewer resources in your garden. This display features mass plantings that, once established, are relatively low maintenance. They don’t require regular watering or fertilizing, and we do not expect them to escape from the garden and turn into invasive exotic species.

The Ground Cover Display is at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens site.

f you would like to help support our gardens and displays, please contact Meredith Olson, our director of development:; 734.647.7847.

Groundcover display