Temperate House in the Conservatory

    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Temperate climates have cold winters and hot summers — and the plant forms reflect these prevailing environmental conditions. The relatively thick evergreen leaves and seasonal foliage are a great contrast to the Tropical house. Plants grown here are not hardy in Michigan’s cool temperate climate.

Plants in this house from warm-temperate climates with hot and wet summers include the Asian fan palms and bamboos. Other Asian plants are the heavily perfumed citrus and gardenias, while the camellias are beautiful but scentless. Tea, which is Camellia, is tucked into the collection. Among the plants from the Mediterranean region of southern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa are the date palm, fig and olive trees, and papyrus. Don’t miss the special area for the bonsai and penjing, or the display of carnivorous plants in their bog planter.

The Temperate House is in the Conservatory at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens site.