Thank you for taking time to complete our member survey. Four hundred members completed the survey. Below are survey highlights. We hope you find them as illuminating as we do!

Our members are loyal and trend somewhat older:

  • Nearly a quarter of respondents have been members here for 11 or more years;
  • 80% of respondents are 46-85 years old;
  • 82% say they are very likely to renew their membership (yay!).

Events, free parking, students, and environmental stewardship are important to members:

  • Nearly 55% say events such as Shakespeare in the Arb, plant sales, and exhibits are important or very important to them;
  • On a scale of 1-5, an equal percentage of respondents (18.2%) think our community and non-profit programming is not important (1 on the scale) and very important (5 on the scale);
    • Nearly 52% think free parking for members is very important;
    • 55% say discounts on tickets, gift store purchases, and plant sale purchases are important or very important;
    • Nearly 88% say our conservation and environmental efforts are important or very important;
    • 59% say our work with and connections to U-M students are important or very important;
    • 58% say matching member benefits at other participating gardens are important or very important.

    Our members also told us what they think about our communications with them:

      • A print newsletter as a membership benefit is not important for 21.7% and very important for 15.4%; 28% feel neutral about the print newsletter;
        • Asked which means of communications they prefer to learn about what’s happening here, an equal percentage (34%) say they rely on the print newsletter and the e-newsletter;
        • 53% say they prefer a print newsletter; 47% say they prefer a digital newsletter.

        Our members love the Arb but are frustrated by the parking situation:

          • Of 90 people who answered the optional question “Why haven’t you visited Nichols Arboretum?” 52 answered “parking,” whether lack of or difficulty finding parking.