We hire many students throughout the year to work outside and inside in every department. Caretakers, who generally look after the Arboretum, are the unsung heroes of our student workers. So we’re taking this opportunity to give a shout to these incredibly hard-working and dedicated students. Did you know that—

*  Caretakers led 20 volunteer workdays this past fall semester. These were our public eco-restoration workdays held at Matthaei and at the Arb on the second and third Saturday of each month, year-round, plus many special/private workdays.

*  Caretakers worked with 269 volunteers (most of them U-M students) and logged 833 hours!

These numbers are very impressive, and we couldn’t welcome so many students and community members to the Arb and Gardens without caretaker leadership. They not only lead these groups but also provide education about our natural areas and the importance of restoration.

In keeping with the Matthaei-Nichols’ mission, we hope that this work helps the volunteers to connect with nature on a deeper level and inspires them to participate future stewardship activities.

Thank you, caretakers!