This summer, we’re documenting what it’s like to be an intern at MBGNA. Early in the morning, rain or shine, the interns are already hard at work.
Campus Farm Irrigation Intern Laura VanKoughnett readies one of the farm’s hoop houses for a second planting of tomatoes. “I’ve been volunteering here since I was a freshman. I like the community aspect. And carbon neutrality is important to me. I also like spending time in nature.” says Laura.
Great Lakes Garden intern Alison Jiang joins her fellow interns in weeding the herb knot garden at Matthaei. “As a School of Public Health student, working here has completely changed my viewpoint. I even added some field courses to my schedule such as Mike Kost’s herbaceous flora,” Alison says.
Iris Arboreal, Bonsai and Medicinal Garden Intern, does some early-morning pruning on a bonsai at Matthaei’s Bonsai and Penjing Garden. “I enjoy bonsai because it allows me to interact with a tree crown to root. I’m learning a lot about trees in these miniature forms, and really appreciating the art form of bonsai too.” Iris explains.
Visitors Service Intern Mya Strayer checks in visitors for their scheduled visits to the conservatory. “I really love the atmosphere at MBGNA—you can tell that all of your coworkers are happy to be there and everyone is dedicated to creating a beautiful and unique place for themselves and visitors!” says Mya.
Morgan Anderson, Campus Farm Edible Landscapes Intern, steers a cart full of supplies toward the farm’s hoop houses. “I really like my co-workers, plus all the random stuff that happens here. The other day we found a milk snake, which looks a lot like a massasauga.” Morgan says.
In this video, Natural Areas Stewardship Interns Lydia Plescher and John Kelly take us through the process of seeding an area of the Arb, disturbed by an IT project, with native wildflower seeds.