Join us this season for our annual holiday conservatory exhibit.

November 25, 2017-January 7, 2018

Focusing on plants in our conservatory collection, the holiday exhibit explores how certain plants figure in myth, lore, and ritual for cultures around the world. This annual winter/holiday event also features seasonal flowers, decorated trees, kids activities, holiday items in the Garden Store, and more. Discounts in the Garden Store for Matthaei-Nichols members. All programs free except for kids’ greens workshop. Scroll down for a gallery of some of the art in Body & Soul.

Nov. 25, 10 am: Exhibit opens.
Dec. 3: Holiday Artist Market. High-quality crafts and art for sale in a variety of media from local artists. (See list of participating artists below.)
Dec. 9: Holiday greens workshop for kids.
Dec. 16: A Visit with Father Christmas. Great photo opp!
Nov. 25-Jan. 7: Body & Soul – community art exhibit. (See list of participating artists below.)

Running concurrently is our community art exhibit Body & Soul – How Nature Speaks through Art.

In Body & Soul, plants and nature may symbolize or stand for something larger, mystical, or even divine, in all the meanings of those words. Community and regional artists show their interpretation of how nature tells a story through art about spirituality, mystery, or even the divine. While viewing, we ask the same question to you – how does nature inspire you? This exhibit features over 30 artists and multiple media are featured, including oil paintings, photographs, watercolor, and more. The exhibit is on display until January 7, 2018.

Artists participating in Body & Soul: Ryan Gates, Kirsten Lund, Susan Michael-Vickers, Clara DeGalan, Shonda Adams, Jim Rehlin, Colleen Zimmerman, Joan Harris, Zohair Mohsen, Corry Berkooz, Michele Yanga, Ken Axelrod, Anita McKay, Sam Nadon-Nichols, Mark Doeffinger, Marcelle Gray, Walter Griggs, Dominique Chastenet de Géry, Malcolm Wang, Laura Shope, Marie Wohadlo, Steve Gilzow, Colleen Coyle-Levy, Elizabeth Keller, Jessica Bohl & Lisa Holman, Carol MacFarland, H.J. Slider, Linda James, Kate Whitehouse, Aiko Holt, Toni Pressley-Sanon, Hava Gurevich, Heidi Metzger, and Kelly Daniels.

Artists participating in the holiday artisan market: Angie Rebottaro – Mason & Birch, Anke Trampler, Astrid Padilla, Debbie Smith, Ed Warzyniec – ej3art , Elizabeth Dreitzler , Elizabeth Keller, Jessica Nielsen, Jo Lau, Joan Mandell, Kristin Elling, Laura Palm, Michele Coe, Laurie Sharkus, Nicole Cishke, Nancy Buckley, Paula Neys, Penrith Goff, Quinn Burell, Robin Goldsmith, Stephanie Bolz, Stephanie King, Zaineb al-Kalby.




Sacred Plants poster
Body and Soul poster