Giving Blueday

Giving Blueday has moved to the spring for the U-M community! It takes just one day—one act—to make a difference that lasts. Help grow the movement, and support what you love about U-M on March 10, 2021. For the Matthaei-Nichols community, it is a great time to renew your membership or make an additional gift.

All gifts make a difference, so join us on March 10 for Giving Blueday to make your gift in support of nature.
How will you give to nature this Giving Blueday?

Donate to our four highlighted campaign stories by clicking the links below:
(Note: the below links for donations were only active on March 10th, 2021. For donation options year-round, please click here.)

Our current staff, and a former student staff member, have special Giving Blueday messages for the Matthaei-Nichols community. View all three videos below by using the arrows to toggle between, click the thumbnail videos separately, or open in YouTube.

Thank you for your consideration to support nature and all we do at Matthaei-Nichols this Giving Blueday!