Tues., May 19, 7-9 pm
Ann Arbor District Library main branch
343 South Fifth Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
A presentation by Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum Curator Dr. David C. Michener

Ann Arbor’s favorite garden will soon be in bloom! Come and find out how we’re enriching this historic collection and adding long-desired specimens, including Chinese and Japanese tree peonies. At tonight’s presentation Matthaei-Nichols Curator Dr. David C. Michener will offer a best-guess of when the peonies will burst into bloom and which plants may bloom for the first time this year. Get a behind-the-scenes view of changes and enhancements to this national treasure as we prepare for the Nichols Arboretum Peony Garden’s centennial in 2022. Bring your questions, too, for the after-session discussion.
Share your peony garden stories and photos! Submit your stories and photos online at the Nichols Arboretum Peony Garden website. Or bring a few to tonight’s presentation for possible future inclusion on our website about public enjoyment of Ann Arbor’s favorite garden.

A view of the peony garden from nearby Laurel Ridge
Photo credits: Michele Yanga
Discussion Location: The Ann Arbor District Library’s Multi-Purpose Room at the downtown site. A listing for the program can be found on the Ann Arbor District Library’s website: aadl.org.
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1800 N. Dixboro Rd. (Matthaei)
1610 Washington Hts. (Arb)