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We’re offering an amazing opportunity for classroom groups to visit Matthaei through a virtual field trip. Virtual field trips are easy to schedule, interactive, and fun.

Virtual field trips


Virtual field trips Monday-Thursday between 9 am-1 pm.
Cost $30.00/classroom + $1.00/student.
Length of time 45 minutes, includes time for student Q & A at the end.
To schedule a virtual field trip or for more information contact Youth Education Coordinator Liz Glynn:
Roots and shoots: Explore plants and their needs. Compare the diversity of plant life and relationships to animals.  (pre-K, K, 1st)
Plant & Animal Pairs: Living and non-living things are part of all ecosystems. Explore the ways plants & animals around the world depend on each other for pollination, seed dispersal, shelter and food.  (2nd, 3rd) 
Biomes are Beautiful:  Explore three unique biomes and the characteristics that make them uniqueLearn  about plant adaptations that help them thrive from the Tropics to the Desert. (3rd, 4th)
Ecosystems: Flowers, Fruits & Seeds:  Plant structures are uniquely adapted to their role in an ecosystem. Explore plant adaptations from roots to flowers that aid in survival for both plants and animals.  (3rd, 4th) 
Ecosystems; Energy flows, Matter cycles:  Ecosystems are complex with interdependencies between living and non-living elements.  Explore ecosystem interactions, food webs and energy flows. (5th, 6th)

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