Affiliated Research

Below are resources that show the range of research projects that are related to our institution or sites.

Visualizing the landscape: plans and recommendations for Matteson FarmSlusky J, Turner SArts & Culture2009Matthaei Botanical GardensMaster's Thesis or Practicum
Winding willows: an ecological blueprint for wetland restoration and cattail remediationCampbell ASScience2009Matthaei Botanical GardensMaster's Thesis or Practicum
Potential for agriculture in combination with native plants in extensive green roofsMacDonald LScience2008Matthaei Botanical GardensReport
Patterns and predictors of plant diversity and compositional change in a restored Michigan tallgrass prairieHeslinga JScience2008Nichols ArboretumMaster's Thesis or Practicum
Natural Areas Stewardship at the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols ArboretumPlakke JScience2008Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Nichols ArboretumMaster's Thesis or Practicum
Genetic analysis of the evolution of petaloid bracts in dogwoodsMaturen NMScience2008Matthaei Botanical GardensDissertation
Pollination and Pollen Limitation in Mayapple (Podophyllum Peltatum L.), A Nectarless Spring Ephemeral.Crants JEScience2008Matthaei Botanical GardensDissertation
Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife Using Gallerucella BeetlesPalmer JScience2007Matthaei Botanical GardensMaster's Thesis or Practicum
Patterns and Consequences of Competition for Pollination between Introduced and Native Species with Different Floral Traits.Montgomery BRScience2007Matthaei Botanical GardensDissertation
Naturally occuring neuronal NO-synthase inactivators found in Nicotiana tabacum (Solanaceae) and other plantsLowe ER et al.Science2007Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Digital KamiKuhner R et alArts & Culture2006Nichols ArboretumInstallation
In Search of a Niche for a New Botanic Garden: An Approach Through the Cultural and Natural Regionalism. A Master Plan for Siauliai Botanic Garden, LithuaniaTamutyte JArts & Culture, Science2006Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Nichols ArboretumMaster's Thesis or Practicum
Some Benefits of Nearby Nature for Hospital Visitors: Restorative Walks in Nichols ArboretumLevine KScience2006Nichols ArboretumMaster's Thesis or Practicum
Ethics, water conservation and sustainable gardensGrese RE, Michener DCArts & Culture, Science2005Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Nichols ArboretumPublished Article
Do Physiological Integration and Soil Heterogeneity Influence the Clonal Growth and Foraging of Schoenoplectus pungens ?Poor A, Hershock C, Goldberg DE, Rosella KScience2005Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Breeding bird survey, Matthaei Botanical GardensCity of Ann Arbor Natural Area PreservationScience2005Matthaei Botanical Gardens
A New Species of Pediobius (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) Parasitizing Chyliza Apicalis (Diptera: Psilidae) in Ash Trees Attacked by Agrilus Planipennis (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)Gates MW et. Al.Science2005Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Phenolic Compounds in Red Oak and Sugar Maple Leaves Have Prooxidant Activities in the Midgut Fluids of Malacosoma disstria and Orgyia leucostigma CaterpillarsLister E et al.Science2005Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Exploring the Effects of Environmental Experience on Attachment to Urban Natural Areas Ryan RLScience2005Nichols ArboretumPublished Article
Butterfly survey - activity summary for Matthaei Botanical GardensCity of Ann Arbor Natural Area PreservationScience2004Matthaei Botanical GardensDocument
Imagine/AlignSmith A, Skarsgard SArts & Culture2004Nichols ArboretumInstallation
Imagine/Align project overviewSkarsgard SArts & Culture2004Nichols ArboretumInstallation
Antioxidants in the Midgut Fluids of a Tannin-Tolerant and a Tannin-Sensitive Caterpillar: Effects of Seasonal Changes in Tree LeavesBarbehenn RVScience2003Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Frog and toad inventory - maximum abundance (1997-2003) Earhart RouteCity of Ann Arbor Natural Area PreservationScience2003Matthaei Botanical GardensDocument
Birds of Nichols Arboretum, Ann Arbor, MichiganKielb MAScience2002Nichols ArboretumDocument
Colony Defense by Wingpadded Nymphs in Grylloprociphilus Imbricator (Hemiptera:Aphididae)Aoki S et. AlScience2001Nichols ArboretumPublished Article
Investigating the community consequences of competition among clonal plantsGough L et alScience2001Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Investigating the community consequences of competition among clonal plantsGough L, Goldgerg DE, Hershock C, Pauliukonis N, Petru MScience2001Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Landscape ecosystems of the Fleming Creek valley, University of Michgan's Matthaei Botanical GardensTepley AJScience2001Matthaei Botanical GardensDocument
Ingested Biomass of Prey as a More Accurate Estimator of Foraging Intake by Spider PredatorsTso IM, Severinghaus LLScience1998Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Within-plant variation in concentrations of amino acids, sugar, and sinigrin in phloem sap of black mustard, Brassica nigra (L.) Koch (Cruciferae)Merritt SZScience1996Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Field Data Report for Radiobrightness Energy Balance Experiment 0 (REBEX-0), August 1992-September 1992, UM Matthaei Botanical GardensKim EJScience1996Matthaei Botanical GardensReport
Diagenesis of vascular plant organic matter components during burial in lake sedimentsMeyers PA et al.Science1995Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Floral volatiles from Clarkia breweri and C. concinna ( Onagraceae ): Recent evolution of floral scent and moth pollinationPichersky E, Raguso RAScience1995Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Isolation and characterization of an N-acetyl-D-galactosamine-binding lectin from Dutch Iris bulbs which recognizes the blood group A disaccharide (GalNAc alpha 1-3Gal)Mo H et al.Science1994Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Observed and modeled radiobrightness of prairie grass during early fallEngland AW, Galantowicz JFScience1994Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Moisture in a grass canopy from SSM/I radiobrightnessEngland AW, Galantowicz JFScience1993Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Vertical distribution of biomass and moisture in a prairie grass canopyDahl PAScience1993Matthaei Botanical GardensTechnical report
U of M Radiation Lab millimeter-wave snow data : summary of all data and ground-truthHaddock TFScience1990Matthaei Botanical GardensTechnical report
The soil electic potential signature of soil droughtHinkel KM, Outcalt, SIScience1990Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Soil temperature and electric potential during diurnal and seasonal freeze-thawOutcalt SI, Gray DH, Benninghoff WSScience1989Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Evolutionary adaptation to host plants in a laboratory population of the phytophagous mite Tetranychus urticae KochFry JDScience1989Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
A chloroplast DNA inversion marks an ancient evolutionary split in the sunflower family (Asteraceae)Jansen RK, Palmer JDScience1987Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Unicircular structure of the Brassica hirta mitochondrial genomeHerbo LA, Palmer JDScience1987Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Chloroplast DNA from lettuce and Barnadesia (Asteraceae): structure, gene localization, and characterization of a large inversionJansen RK, Palmer JDScience1987Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Cellulose digestion in Monochamus marmorator Kby. (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae): Role of acquired fungal enzymesMartin MM, Kukor JJScience1986Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Glycoalkaloids of Solanum Series Megistacrolobum and related potato cultigensJohns T, Osman SFScience1986Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Analysis of gas exchange in seedlings of Acer saccharum : integration of field and laboratory studiesWeber JA, Jurik TW, Tenhunen JD, Gates DMScience1985Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Sibling recognition in thirteen-lined ground squirrels: effects of genetic relatedness, rearing association, and olfactionHolmes WGScience1984Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Carbohydrate binding studies on the lectin from Datura stramonium seedsCrowley JFScience1984Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Environmentally controlled phenotypic plasticity of morphology and polypeptide expression in two populations of Daphnia pulex (Crustacea: cladocera)Lee LWScience1984Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Factors affecting male-male competition in thirteen-lined ground squirrelsSchwagmeyer PL, Brow CHScience1983Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Estimates of free and bound indole-3-acetic acid and zeatin levels in relation to regulation of apical dominance and tiller release in oat shootsHarrison MA, Kaufman PBScience1983Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Purification and Characterization of Griffonia simplicifolia Leaf LectinsLamb JE et al.Science1983Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
An experiment in intercropping cucumbers and tomatoes in Southern Michigan, USASchultz B, Phillips C, Rosset P, Vandermeer JHScience1982Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
An experiment in intercropping cucumbers and tomatoes in Southern Michigan, U.S.A.Schultz B, Phillips C, Rosset P, Vandermeer JHScience1982Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Growth responses of Ailanthus altissima seedlings to SO2Furnier GR, Marshall PEScience1981Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Mycorrhizal occurrence in willows in a northern freshwater wetlandPattullo N, Marshall PEScience1981Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Host plant growth form and diversity: Effects on abundance and feeding preference of a specialist herbivore, Acalymma vittata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)Bach CEScience1981Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Alarm calling behavior of the thirteen-lined ground squirrel, Spermophilus tridecemlineatusSchwagmeyer PLScience1980Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
The diurnal time course of net photosynthesis of soybean leaves: Analysis with a physiologically based steady-state photosynthesis modelTenhunen JD et alScience1980Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Variation in Cadence of Field Sparrow SongsHeckenlively DBScience1976Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Cell elongation in the grass pulvinus in response to geotropic stimulation and auxin applicationDayanandan P et alScience1976Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Cross-linked guaran: A versatile immunosorbent for D-galactopyranosyl binding lectinsLonngren J et alScience1976Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Observations on chytridiaceous parasites of phanerogamsSaunders MS, Sparrow FKScience1974Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Silicification of developing internodes in the perennial scouring rush (Equisetum hyemale var. affine)Kaufman PB et al.Science1973Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Electron microprobe analysis of silica cells in leaf epidermal cells of Cyperus alternifoliusSoni SL et al.Science1972Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Studies on silicon accumulation in developing internodal epidermal cells of Cyperus alternifoliusSoni SL et al.Science1972Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Ecological and genetic isolation of Fraxinus americana and Fraxinus pennsylvanicaTaylor SMOScience1972Matthaei Botanical GardensDissertation
Electron microprobe analysis of silica cells in leaf epidermal cells of Cyperus alternfoliusSani SL, Kaufman PB, Bigelow WCScience1972Matthaei Botanical GardensPublished Article
Seasonal effects of light, temperature, and radiation on activity patterns of the meadow vole (Microtus pennsylvanicus)Evans FCScience1970Matthaei Botanical GardensTechnical report
Birds observed at the University of Michigan Botanical GardensAdler MScience1962Matthaei Botanical GardensDocument
Site proposal for the University Center for Atmospheric ResearchUniversity of MichiganScience1960Nichols ArboretumTechnical report
Sediment distribution and landform classificationReid JRScience1959Matthaei Botanical GardensDocument
A preliminary checklist of vascular plants of the new Botanical Gardens, Dixboro, MichiganWilson JScience1958Matthaei Botanical GardensDocument
A preliminary florsitic survey of the new Botanical GardensWilson JScience1958Matthaei Botanical GardensDocument
The Walker-Beecher paper of 1876 on the Mollusca of the Ann Arbor areaGoodrich CScience1943Nichols ArboretumPublished Article
Trees and shrubs hardy in southern Michigan and surrounding territory ("corrections -- additions")AnonScience1937Nichols ArboretumPublished Article
The birds of School Girl's Glen region, Ann Arbor, MichiganTinker ADScience1910Nichols ArboretumPublished Article
Contribution to the botanical survey of the Huron River regionDachnowski AScience1907Nichols ArboretumPublished Article
Plant Distribution at Mud LakePennington LHScience1906Mud Lake BogDocument