Mud Lake Bog 1ft Contour

LiDAR-derived topographic data (line shapefile) for Mud Lake Bog and surroundings, with a 1ft contour interval

Mud Lake Bog 2010 Aerial Image

1 foot resolution multispectral (includes near infrared band) aerial photograph of Mud Lake Bog and immediate surroundings, taken in 2010

Mud Lake Bog Cover Type

Polygon shapefile of general landcover (grassland, hardwood forest, etc.) for Mud Lake Bog

Mud Lake Bog Soil Map

Soil types of Mud Lake Bog, as mapped by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Mud Lake Bog 1800 Landcover

Early 19thcentury ecosystems of Mud Lake Bog and surrounding areas, delineated from surveyor’s notes by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory
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