Botanical Gardens Non-Native Shrub Cover 2011

Color gradient map showing relative density of the most common non-native invase shrub species at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens prior to targeted habitat restoration work beginning in 2011

Botanical Gardens Floristic Quality Map

Results of Floristic Quality Assessment at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, using color scales to map Floristic Quality Index and Mean Coefficients of Conservatism and Wetness for surveyed areas.  For more information on FQA, see:...

Matthaei Plant List

General plant list combining all surveyed natural areas of the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, excluding threatened and endangered species.  Exotic species' scientific names are indicated in all capital letters.

Botanical Gardens Base Data

Base data layers, such as roads, property lines, etc. for the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, in ESRI File Geodatabase format