Hey everyone! Here are the species for last week.

Ebony Jewelwing

Scientific Order: Odonata; Family: Colopterygidae

Anishinabemowin name: oboodashkwaanishiinh

This common damselfly is recognizable by it’s blue-green body and dark black wings!
Fun fact: Males attract females by performing a “cross display”, which shows off the pattern on the male’s abdomen!
For more info, check out this website!

Widow Skimmer

Scientific Order: Odonata; Family: Libellulidae

Anishinabemowin name: oboodashkwaanishiinh

This common North American dragonfly can be identified by its steely-blue body or the black bands on it’s wings!
Fun fact: Widow skimmers are very territorial, and certain areas are defended by groups of males, especially around the breeding season!
For more info, check out this website!

Red-winged Blackbird

Scientific name: Agelaius phoeniceus

Anishinabemowin name: asiginaak

O-ka-LEE! That’s the song of this common North American bird! This brave blackbird is known for attacking larger birds, and it eats up insects and seeds!
Fun fact: Although the male red-winged blackbirds tend to get around to multiple mates, they are known for helping feed and care for their nestlings!
To hear the bird’s call, click here!
For more information, check out this website!

Sugar Maple Tree

Scientific name: Acer saccharum

Anishinabemowin name: ininaatig

This common deciduous hardwood tree is a vital part of many ecological systems in eastern US and Canadian forests!
Fun fact: The Anishinabe people processed sugar maple sap into various important products, including blocks of sugar for trade and syrup for food in the winter!
For more info, check out this website!

Ironwood, or American Hornbeam

Scientific name: Ostrya virginiana

Anishinabemowin name: maananoons

This deciduous North American tree loves dry soil and rocky slopes in a forest’s understory!
Fun Fact: The ironwood is so called because of its very dense and durable wood, which has long been used for tools and buildings.
For more information, check out this website!
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