Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

As the days become colder and flowers fade and turn brown, many gardeners begin prepping their spaces for winter by cutting down spent blooms, stems, and leaves. However, by leaving the plants intact, gardeners can provide a variety of benefits to area insects and birds over the cold winter months.

A Homecoming for Indigenous Seeds

A rematriation project brings plants’ progeny back to their ancestral origins Shiloh Maples, the regional representative of the Indigenous Seedkeepers Network, stands next to harvested ears of fox blue corn. As part of a multi-year collaborative pilot initially...

40th Annual Ann Arbor Bonsai Society Show

The Ann Arbor Bonsai Society show is a longstanding tradition and an opportunity for visitors to get an up-close look at some first-rate examples of skillfully tended trees. In honor of that tradition this year’s show pays tribute to renowned local bonsai instructors...