Carmen working on bonsai

Matthaei-Nichols Bonsai Collection Specialist Carmen Leskoviansky (left), works with the Tom and Zach as part of the Crataegus Bonsai seasonal team. Here they’re cutting off old needles on the stronger shoots of a ponderosa pine they were working on.

Carmen Leskoviansky is the Bonsai Collection Specialist at Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum. In February 2018 she began training with Michael Hagedorn, the owner of Crataegus Bonsai in Portland, Ore. The training is set up as a seasonal program. Apprentices meet four times a year (once per season) for three days at a time for two years. Recently Carmen completed a two-year seasonal bonsai training at Crataegus. Congratulations, Carmen!

Michael Hagedorn published a blog post covering the final project—a collected Ponderosa pine.