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Putting the Pieces Together

Many personalities make

Each tree special.

Elements of Display

The tree is the star – it creates the unspoken story.

There are many styles, and some styles require more than one tree in the pot. A special treat for flowering species is those few days they are in bloom. The flowers elevate the specimens beyond ‘awesome’ – our azaleas are respected as among the best in the world. Once done blooming, flowering species return to being ‘every day beautiful’. Other deciduous trees, especially maples and beeches, are known for their stunning fall foliage season, and then they assume yet another appeal when dormant. Part of enjoying bonsai is appreciating what you see today in relation to nature’s annual cycle.

The pot intensifies the mood.

The shape, size, texture, glaze colors, and patterns are intentionally selected to complete the narrative. Just changing the pot can dramatically shift one’s appreciation of the tree. Since the trees are slowly growing, they can outgrow any given pot over time. Did you know that when not on display, the trees may be removed from the pots and grown in shallow wooden boxes? This way the pots are available for other trees, and are not damaged during routine care when a tree is not in display mode.