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Bonsai in Bloom: Satsuki Azalea Display Is Online in 2020

Each year, donor and bonsai expert and collector Melvyn Goldstein provides us with blooming Satsuki azalea to display in our outdoor bonsai and penjing garden.

With the Satsuki display “Bonsai in Bloom” postponed this year we offer the exhibit online. Join us for this virtual tour of the exhibit. Here you’ll find video, stories, photo galleries, and more of Satsuki azaleas.

Watch: A tour of the bonsai garden with satsuki azalea at Matthaei

A Tour of the Matthaei-Nichols Bonsai Garden and Satsuki Azalea with Bonsai Collection Specialist Carmen Leskoviansky (60-minute video) Key video time points:
  • 4:40: Discussion of exposed-root bonsai

  • 16:26: The oldest bonsai in the MBGNA collection

  • 21:23: Brief tour of Shohin (trees that are less than 10 inches tall) 

  • 27:52: Satsuki flower pruning and pinching demo

  • 37:20: Satsuki branch wiring discussion and demo

  • 46:00: Carmen answering audience questions

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Watch: A Tour of Satsuki Grower Hiroharu Kobayashi’s Nursery in Kanuma City, Japan.

View: A photo gallery of Satsuki azalea and accompanying events from the 2019 Bonsai in Bloom exhibit.

Satsuki bonsai azalea

One of Melvyn Goldstein’s satsuki bonsai azalea. The blooming azaleas from Dr. Goldstein’s collection were displayed at Matthaei Botanical Gardens from June 8-22, 2019.

Blooming bonsai azalea-1

A group of Satsuki azalea being prepped for installation in the Bonsai in Bloom display.