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Bonsai Builds Relationships

Learning about bonsai is best done by interacting with people who enjoy it. People at all stages of life and experience are welcome. The selected links below focus on North American organizations.

Organizations to Meet People and Learn About Growing Bonsai

With over 100 bonsai clubs in Canada and the USA, and many more around the world, you aren’t far from a club, its digital resources, and the many local to international businesses that support the ‘bonsai ecosystem’. In addition, there’s a world of online demonstration videos.

Where to See Great Bonsai

The American Bonsai Society lists 20 important bonsai gardens (including us) in the United States, and over 100 clubs in the United States and Canada. Visit their website for information and links. There is broad agreement that two gardens are exemplary, not only for their plants and programs, but their deep diplomatic relationships that bridge nationalities and cultures.

Canada: Quebec

USA: Washington, DC

Ann Arbor Bonsai Society

The Ann Arbor Bonsai Society promotes the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the art of bonsai. It meets at the UM Matthaei Botanical Garden.

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