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Trained, Not Born
Bonsai artists work with "living" art that can trascend lifetimes and cultures.

Bonsai Artists

Bonsai artists are trained, not born. You may be a great bonsai artist just being awakened. Since plants grow and branches die, bonsai styling is recurrent and ‘forward looking’ since, like life itself, it always moves on. This is why bonsai styling is an art and unlike trimming a hedge or training a topiary. That’s part of the creative challenge – styling so that it’s both ‘right’ today and builds for tomorrow.

Jack first encountered bonsai while serving in the US Army in Korea and Japan.
Natasha is our Bonsai intern and (is this her first experience with it?)
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Moving to Leadership

A bold future beckons: engaging people new-to-bonsai while deepening our existing relationships and networks. Everything depends on our specimens being exemplary. As we on-board one of the continent’s most important private collections, we’ll be refining our existing collection and expanding our audiences. We need your help – spreading the word, coming to see the specimens through the year, learning more, and supporting us.

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