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An Early Spring Sunday in Nichols Arboretum

On a recent walk in Nichols Arboretum, Director Bob Grese captured these images of an early spring Sunday. Plenty of people out and about enjoying the Arb, being social while sharpening their distancing skills.

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Hydropower from the Great Lakes: A Safer Alternative?

By Nathan LaFramboise As a University of Michigan student studying earth and environmental sciences, I have long been enthralled by renewable energy, in part because I believe it’s the future of solving the climate crisis. I also have a strong passion for...

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Photo Gallery: Signs of Spring at Matthaei-Nichols

What does spring look like at Matthaei-Nichols? These images from photographers John Metzler and Michele Yanga capture the essence of the season from tiny spring ephemerals to soaring raptors. View individual photos or click on any photo to open a...

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2020 Matthaei-Nichols Student Prize and Award Winners

Congratulations, student prize and award winners! Following are University of Michigan students who have received the 2020 awards from the Winnifred Chase Fellowship and the William D. Drake and Nanette LaCross Prizes. Recipients below: The Winnifred Chase...

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Take Our 5-Minute Bonsai Survey

Explore the bonsai web pages on the Matthaei-Nichols website. Then tell us what you think. Students from the University of MIchigan School of Information are conducting a survey to see how people use the bonsai site. Thank you for your participation!

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