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Exhibit – Uncommon Plants from Our Unique Places

Large-scale photographs offer an up-close look at the rare plants and habitats of the Great Lakes Gardens at Matthaei The full story of the Great Lakes goes beyond the storied lakes themselves to include the area’s habitats, ecosystems, and plants. The...

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Winter Scenes at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Photographer John Metzler spends a lot of time at Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum searching for nature scenes to capture with his camera. Take a look at these winter scenes of the botanical gardens that John sent us from November...

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Carmen’s Portland Bonsai Journey

Matthaei-Nichols Bonsai Collection Specialist Carmen Leskoviansky (left), works with the Tom and Zach as part of the Crataegus Bonsai seasonal team. Here they're cutting off old needles on the stronger shoots of a ponderosa pine they were working on....

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Taking the Ginseng Challenge at Matthaei-Nichols

Everyone’s heard of ginseng. But it’s getting harder to find in the wild. And it’s a bit tricky to grow. Those are two reasons why in 2015, Steve Parrish, Matthaei-Nichols natural areas manager, decided to try and propagate plants from seeds collected from...

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2019 Winter Artist Market

Our twice-a-year artist markets bring great art from local artists to Matthaei Botanical Gardens for a one-day show. Shop from a curated assortment of artists, featuring a broad array of nature-inspired and garden-centric pieces in many media such as...

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Rock Garden Reno at Matthaei

By Joseph MooneyEvery garden is a kind of nature-in-miniature. That’s true of the Marie Azary Rock Garden at Matthaei, where a transformation is taking place this fall. The space, tucked between the Gateway and Great Lakes gardens at Matthaei, is named...

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